LE DOUZE - Quatre mains

The Maison Leutellier Tesson is a veritable realm of bridal couture that reflects the chemistry existing between these two creative artisans passionate for beauty and pure lines. Stéphanie and Sébastien create gowns that tell the tale of those who, for one whole day, will live out their dreams. The only effort involved is leaving the details to their know-how and innate sense of elegance.Here there are no disguises (meringue had its day). Here a feminity is put forward that corresponds to the personality of each individual. Therein lies the marvel of this team, their willingness to please and enchant is palpable. Their love for their profession is as strong as their sincere desire to give form to the emotion and beauty of each person.

Stephanie and Sebastien la suite...






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02 40 89 78 54 (by Appointment)
12 rue Jean Jaurès, 44000 Nantes (Quartier Viarme Talensac)